Motivation and Preferences of BEV Owners and Preconditions for BEV Early Adoption

Motivation and Preferences of BEV Owners and Preconditions for BEV Early Adoption

Duško Stajić1 , Antun Pfeifer1, Luka Herc1, Marko Logonder2
1University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Ivana Lučića 5, 10000
Zagreb, Croatia
2 DeMS, Society e-Mobility Slovenia, Pokopališka pot 8, 1270 Litija, Slovenia

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Ptuj 2022

The aim of this paper was to investigate the interests and motivations of BEV early adopters in two case  studies (Croatia and Slovenia), with few relevant differences between two neighbouring countries, and other factors which affect decision to purchase the BEV car. Surveys in 2 countries with the same set of questions were conducted on a random sample of BEV drivers, in the beginning of 2022 year. Three hypotheses were confirmed, first, the adoption of BEVs is highly associated with both higher education  level and income of BEV owners, significantly higher than in literature covering other European countries. Second, BEV owners are the most likely home owners or garage owners, but a charging station near  drivers work premises is less likely and these are not necessary conditions to buy a BEV. The third hypothesis was proven, for majority of BEV owners, the direct incentives for BEVs are the necessary  precondition for decision to buy BEV. The analysis about subsidy schemes in Europe, and market, price  structure and BEV operational costs in Croatia, compared with ICEV costs, has shown relatively long ROI period (up to 50 years in the worst case scenario), what explains the necessity of incentives. Also, the measures for promotion of BEVs, primarily related to charging stations have been proposed. 


The authors would like to express gratitude to the Croatian National eMobility Association “Electric Circuit” (Croatian “Strujni krug”) and e-Mobility Slovenia Association (DeMS) for cooperation in  preparation and organization of survey for BEV drivers in Croatia and Slovenia.




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