Supporting the bottom-up road transport decarbonization for local-level decision-makers

Supporting the bottom-up road transport decarbonization for local-level decision-makers

White paper

Regionalni razvojni Center Koper
Območna Razvojna Agencija Krasa in Brkinov
DeMS društvo e-mobilnost Slovenija

The current state of the decarbonization of road transport in Slovenia at the local level reaches various levels. From the Alpine Valley areas, where local communities are aware of the benefits of decarbonization, to industrially degraded areas, where the consequences of past actions inhibit development and create scepticism. The solution could be in raising the awareness of local communities,  easy access to tenders and subsidies, a knowledge base with examples of good practices, and improving regional and EU policy in tenders. In this white paper, we will describe the issues, legal background, and recommendations for faster implementation of road transport decarbonization at the local level.



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Regional authorities should establish knowledge centres with broad knowledge and data about decarbonization, e-mobility, local electricity production, and storage to independently consult local authorities in that field. Knowledge centres should also help local communities transfer knowledge to the
general public and decision-makers in the local communities. Local communities should cooperate to establish broader and more extensive projects to cooperate and compete on EU-funded projects. All state-funded projects or tenders for local communities’ incentives regarding decarbonization of transport should be long-term planned together with all stakeholders from ministries, local organizations, and users. Local communities should do every investment according to the user needs and state strategies, and local community plans.

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